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May 15, 2009


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SNAP! My post this week was also about Detroit and references the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Thanks for the comment Caitlin. Your Roaming Tales post was neat. Thanks fopr saying nice things about Detroit.

Ah, now I've really got Detroit on the mind. Nice to see two perspectives of DIA this photo Friday. Lovely view of the fountain.

You know I was just thinking that I wanted to go around my hometown and see it from the tourist perspective, I'll bring my camera. And it is a great picture, I like the statue in the background.

I do agree - once you become a blogger, you start to see your own home town in a different light and things you took for granted take on a new excitement.

So many times when I'm around my home town in Bristol I kick myself if I see something interesting and don't have my camera with me.

I love it that you finally posted one of your own photos for Photo Friday! Now to coordinate to make sure we don't post the same things the same weeks :lol:
The DIA is especially photogenic from the exterior, but I'm hoping that after seeing how great the building looks outside that we'll encourage some people to visit the collections inside. Some really great stuff there!

Thanks everyone. I am always seeing things I've never paid attention to. So much to do!!!

Great advice Tim! I take my camera with me when I'm going to a particular destination. However, it's always those random outings when I don't have my camera that I see a great shot.

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