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June 12, 2009


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I love all of the red-and-white lighthouses in Canada. So different looking that the lighthouses here in Michigan.
Now I'm waiting for those puffin photos!

I love lighthouse photo and this one is surely interesting. It doesn't look like typical tall slender lighthouse. Thanks for sharing!

Nice lines in this pic and contrast in textures.It brings this lighthouse to life. Unusual way to paint a lighthouse but whoever said they had to follow a painting guideline.

I think the paint job helps with visibility. Yes there were puffins on a large rock/small island next to the light. Maybe for a future Photo Friday. While watching the puffins we saw a very large Iceberg go by in the distance. A beautiful place.

British lighthouses are usually striped horizontally, I've never seen them striped vertically. Great misty picture!

I have only visited Newfoundland once but I fell in love with it. Hard! It was the middle of July and they still had small icebergs (known as growlers) in the port. I wore every article of clothing in my suitcase. The wind blew and I felt like a character from a novel by the Bronte sisters. The people were some of the friendliest I have met in my life. Newfoundland is on our short list of places we would live.

Thanks for the memories!

I love lighthouses but that is definitely the most colorful one I've seen. Actually, I've always pictured them to be more tower-like. Guess I haven't seen enough o them!

Newfoundlanders are friendly. And the weather is highly changeable, from fog so thick you couldn't see the hand in front of your face to beautiful blue skies the next day. We really would like to go back. And I never even got tired of eating fish (local cod) and chips :)

I know that a number of lighthouses on the East coast(USA) are short and squat. We also have a few here on the great lakes like that. When they are on a 200' cliff, or out in the middle of the lake/bay they don't need to be so tall.

Thanks for the comments everyone. Come aback to my blog on Wednesday. I plan on doing an article about photographing Point Betsie Lighthouse located on Lake Michigan.

So I suppose the lighthouse is painted red & white for practical reasons, but I love it just because it looks fun. I've visited lighthouses on the northern coast of Spain, where my husband is fun and they are all quite dull in comparison. I lived in Canada for 3 years and always regretted not visiting two places - Montreal and Newfoundland, especially after being in Vancouver in January and seeing all these awesome advertisements on TV for Newfoundland. It looks gorgeous.

Oops, that should have been "northern coast of Spain, where my husband is from..." :) although we usually do have fun when in his hometown!

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