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July 31, 2009


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What pretty architecture. The first picture is great with the bright blue sky in the background.

Old churches make such great photo stops!
Interesting info about the church's architecture--and you know I'm a big architecture fan :)
I'm thinking your shots came out much better than mine from that day.

From the Diocese of Toledo, thanks for stopping by to see our beautiful cathedral and sharing your photos!

Old churches,statues and coloured leadlight glass all make great photo subjects and yours are lovely to look at. I almost want to go back to church for a visit but I think lightening may strike me down as I enter.

just beautiful! i had no idea this was in toledo. you've made me want to go back and take a look!

Mark - your photos amaze me every week. Thanks for sharing. With these I love the overall perspective on the first pic and then the details that follow.

Toledo? As in, Ohio? Your pics are as interesting as any European cathedral!

Thanks for all the comments.

Agreed. I find that churches, synagogues and mosques of all kinds make really great photo ops. From the simplest to the grandest they always show something, usually the love of their communities.

Kymri & Jessie
Yep Toledo, OHIO it is. Another European like church in Bloomfield Hills MI is Kirk in the Hills you can see it here

The Diocese has a beautiful Cathedral and the Old West End is a great neighborhood. We enjoy visiting Toledo on day trips from Detroit

Beautiful. I love the contrast of the blue, blue sky with the stone of the church.

That looks like a shot from Paris, I would never have thought it to be in Ohio.

Amazing church! I love visiting elaborate churches, but never expected to see one like this in Ohio. Thanks for sharing.

Ditto what everyone said: OHIO??!! ;)

Neat things can be found in unusual places. Thanks for the views and comments everyone

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