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August 28, 2009


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Great post. Since moving to Canada just over a year ago, I have finally taken on board what a huge place it is and how much effort is required to get to every corner of it. Not that I'm daunted by that - am planning a trip to Newfoundland in the foreseeable future. Thanks for sharing this.

I think I actually like the foggy picture better--it adds an air of mystery. Sorry you missed your bit of fame!

When I lived in the Rocky Mountains, we used to say: "If you don't like the weather wait an hour!" So I can definitely understand the wait a day:)

We've had more adventures in that Aztek! Nearly 90,000 miles on it and still going strong :)

Newfoundland is definitely worth the trip. I particularly loved the wildlife, history, music and geology of the place.

What an amazing difference! I look at my pictures of London when I first visited and the weather was so appalling they don't do it justice. But both of your pictures have great qualities.

Too bad you missed yourself on TV.

Thanks everyone. I like both shots, the foggy one is definitely different while the clear one is a good shot but there is nothing special about it.

One nice thing is, because of the fog, we were along in the park and had the Rangers all to our selves for a nice conversation.

Wow - that IS some difference. New Foundland is on my wish list. I have a fantasy of riding my motorcycle cross country from Seattle to NF - in the summer, of course.

I like the contrast between the two the most. Most times photographers only give one glimps of a location as a lot travel 'through' a location, not staying long enough to see the same locale in different light. This is great example of what can happen when you stay put for a day! Thanks for sharing the story!

Fresh from a trip to Nova Scotia, I really enjoyed seeing your post. The landscape in Atlantic Canada is stunning and pristine. I loved every moment of our trip and am eager to get back up there to visit Newfoundland and Labrador territory. I hear you can kayak around the glaciers. Thanks for sharing these photographs.

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